Sometimes girls don’t say what they really want to say and it’s the guys’ duty to find out what she means:

“No need to buy anything for me, it’s already great that we will see each other”
Mean “A rose should be great, at least. I’m not going to tell you to buy things for me”

“No need to buy me expensive thing, just only a bunch of flowers”
Mean “I will be happier if you give me a ring”

“Don’t you want to give me a ring this year?”
Mean “It’s time to marry me this year, man”

“Let’s go find some normal restaurant for talk”
Mean “A normal restaurant in luxury hotel”

In the other hands, guys don’t say what they really mean either in order to make girls feel happy and it’s your duty to find out:

“I can’t buy anything for you since everything is worthless compare with all my heart I’ve given to you”
Mean “I bought flowers for Linda, Chocolate for Lindsay and the necklace for Susan, so I don’t have any money left to buy something valuable for you”

“This flower represents as my own heart”
Mean “This flower is to trade with your body”

“Let’s get some drink”
Mean “Then get to the hotel after that”

“Let’s find a quiet place to talk”
Mean “Then get to the hotel after that”

“Let’s watch a romantic movie together”
Mean “Then get to the hotel after that”

“I just only want to kiss you”
Mean “and I will do some other things after that”

Tell the Thai girl you love her with flowers

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