Valentine day is the day which is created in order to respect the Saint Valentine, who has a mercy heart for anyone. But his life has ended with tragedy because he got the death penalty on 14 February 270 or about 1,730 years ago which was the era of Roman Emperor which the Christ religion hadn’t been accepted yet. Unfortunately, the King Claudius II had released the law which forced the people not to have trusted in Christian religion and there must be no married ceremony for Christian people either. But there was a Christian leader called “Valentinus” who had been respected later as “Saint Valentine” always tried to help the Christians to get married and make the marry between Christian people until the soldiers found out and put him in the jail and tortured him.

While he was in the jail, he fell in love with a blinded girl who was a daughter of the jail officer. With his love and his pray to god for his lover, the god was pleased to give her be able to see again. When the King “Claudius II” found out, he punished Valentinus with the death penalty by cutting his head off. A night before his penalty, he wrote a love note for his loved one in order to say goodbye and end the letter with

“Love from your Valentine”

After his death, the people are very impressed in his love story and take the 14 February of every year as the day of love which is called as Saint Valentine ’s Day or Valentine’s day until it becomes famous for the whole world until now and still as we already know.

Love is the pure thing which is harmless, every day should be a love day but at least we have some special day to express and remind everyone’s mind that there is love. Actually love is everywhere.

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