Thailand is a country where they have many species of orchid. According to the research, there are about 1,000 species of orchid in Thailand. At first there were not many people interested in orchid, but since there was a foreigner who came to Thailand and interested in orchid, he did the small glass room to plant the orchid and that was the beginning.

Afterward, the intention to mix the species of orchid had increased, so Thailand imported the orchids with many different species that Thailand didn’t have from Singapore, Indonesia and Europe continent. With the popularity of the orchid, the government started to support and encourages the people to know how to plant the orchid by spread the knowledge through television, radio and printed media. With the support from the government, the orchid became a well-known flower in Thailand.

Nowadays, Thailand does not only import the orchid from abroad but they are now exporting the Thailand’s orchids to many different continents until Thailand is being known as a country of orchid as well.

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