Three Irrevocable things in your life are:
Word , Time and Chance
Since you have a chance, let’s do it before it’s too late. You might not have time to realize and let things go pass you, that’s not wise.
At least you should do something which you think you have to do.
Word: I love you
Time: When he or she is still single, or maybe not. But who cares? At least you said it.
Chance: It depends but at least you did what you have to do.

Three undeniable things in your life are:
Serenity, Honesty and Hope
Ok, serenity might do nothing with your love life but honesty and hope do. You have to be honest to yourself, said what you have to say, said what you really feel after that let’s hope if he or she will feel the same.

Three gems of your life are:
Love, Self-Esteem and True Friends
Let’s have love, even you never have boyfriend or girlfriend but at least you used to love someone.
Self-Esteem: makes you love yourself, you can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself.
True Friends: it’s hard to find but everyone needs it, you will find at least one in your lifetime.

Three uncertainties in your life are:
Dream, Success and Fate
Let’s face them and let them lead you.

Three Things that deteriorate your life are:
Arrogance, Liquor and Anger
How can you stay with your loved ones especially not your parents with arrogance, liquor and anger.
You have to know how to control them, no one can’t stand those feelings even you.

Kind Hearts are the garden
Kind thoughts are the root
Kind words are the blossoms
Kind deeds are the fruits…………..

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