Perfect date will not happen if the participants dont know what to do. And sadly that most of the participants dont know exactly what to do because dates always come with pressure and the participants dont know each others before so they dont know what to behave in order to make the first impression begins.

And more sadly thing is that the first impression is the duty of guys to be done. Girls dont have to do many things. They just have to be sure that they look pretty and behave sweetly. But for guys, it seems like all things have to be done by them and the first date is a battle for him to prove himself that he can go for the next step and deserve in what he dreams about for not.

Since there is a big pressure on a date, guys need a dating coach which can help them out what to do in order to impress their date partners. Each girl is different from others but they must have at least few things in the same and those few things are the things that guys should know.

Guys have to the conversation starters not girls. They should know how to start the conversation with girls and make the date goes smoothly. Just so you know, the conversation is the most important thing in the date. You can know each others better from the conversation. If there is no conversation, your date partner will find the date is very boring or you dont like her much. Start the conversation with her with something meaningful and make sure that you say something which can destroy your whole date since your first word. For example, your shirt reminds me my mum. Thats the end of the date. Youd rather shut your mouth up than saying something like that. You should know what subjects you should avoid and what subjects are safe.

And if any of you guys want to be a 100% to impress the dates. There are the single events for all you guys to join in order to learn how to make impressive first date. It a dating service which can ensure that you will impress your date partner for sure with many techniques. Check them out before you go for a date with a girl, they can ensure that you will have a second date, third date, fourth date and so on.

After your first date if you both clicked or your thought so at least, send her a flower and if she does not respond to that you will know she is or she is not for you.

Send Flowers to Thai girl

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