Predict your lover’s traits from the chocolate he or she eats:
Valentine and chocolate always come together. Let’s see what your lovers love to eat on Valentine and predict his or her trait from what he or she eats:

1.Mint Chocolate: If your loved ones love to eat Mind chocolate, it means your loved ones love to see future and ignore the things which have already happened. They believed the rules are for break. They are creative and attempting to do things. The disadvantage is that they have too much attempt feelings until can’t let it go.

2.Milk Chocolate: the person who loves to eat milk chocolate is the romantic person, has sense of humor and loves to help other people. The disadvantage about them is that they care too much about others until don’t think about themselves at all.

3.Chocolate inside other things like Chocolate in bread: means that person is a sociable person and need to be surrounded by many people. The disadvantages about them are that they can feel bore very easy and accept anyone’s opinions even in which is quite unacceptable.

4.Bitter Chocolate: they hate to wait and fall in love to someone very easy which makes them look like a playboy or playgirl instead. They have very high temper but also very creative. The disadvantages are that they are impatient and try to make them feel busy all the times.

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