Nine ways to make your date feels happy after you did something bad to her:

1. Doing something funny: such as tell some joke, act some stupid act. But you have to also be careful, otherwise it’s gonna make things worse instead.

2. Buy something she loves for her: if she loves chocolate, buy her the big bulks of chocolate which she can share with her whole family and etc.

3. Sending sweet SMS or apologizing song to her: don’t expect that it’s going to work since the first time you send to her, send it often. Let her see how much effort you have tried to make her feels happy.

4. Stick, stalking or doing anything which can prove her that you really need her back. Even she asks you to go away, come back again on the next day or leave the food on her front door, waiting in front of her house, just only hope to see her only one minute when she comes open the gate.

5. Make a big surprise, sending the flower by yourself to her front door. It’s even better if you give her the big bouquet in front of many people. It can show you that there is no time to feel shy or anything, the only thing you need for now is to make her happy.

6. In case if you are close with her family: talk to her family and beg them to talk to her again. She may calm down and feel no angry with you anymore.

7. Cry in front of her: not fake cry but if you are sensitive and really sad about what happened, girls will feel that you are really sorry about things you have done.

8. Do anything she wants for 1 week: Anything she wants with no exception. It’s worth if you will get her back.

9. Having sex: it works with some girls but some don’t because they will think that you don’t care about her feeling but only just want to have sex. Anyways, it’s worth to try if you are sure that you are really good in it.

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