Thailand flowers Delivery will not raise the price on Valentine 2010 either. We realize that people have a hard time during the economic recession around the world and we want to keep the tradition of Valentine alive.

To help keep the price low we need your help, we need you to order as soon as possible and if you planned to order flowers for valentine it does not matter when you order for you, but it does for us.
We keep buying the flowers directly from the flower market and that’s our secret to keeping a low price even when every other Thai florist raises prices for Valentine.

The sooner we can order our share of flowers from the market the better price we can get and pass that on to our consumers.
Some years we cannot even take new orders on valentine days because the price of flowers will be so high and the person did not order flowers in time but waited to last minute.
Whatever your Thai girlfriends tells you she want flowers for Valentine that’s for sure.
We want to give you these special offers for Valentine as well

These offers will expire on valentine so do not wait too long.

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