Have you ever compared the one who love you so much as something else? I’m thinking as an earthworm. As you can see if you are the flower, the flower will wait for nothing but beautiful butterfly to cherish and get advantage from it. Those butterflies might make the flowers feel good and beautiful but the flower never realizes that those butterflies used to try to eat and destroy the flowers before when they were the worm. Later on when the time of the flower is about to end, the leaves are leaving it and about to die. Butterfly never care and fly to flirt with other new fresh flowers instead while the earthworm never ignore the flower, it helps the flowers to grow by making the soil smooth, taking care of the flower until the last minute of the flower’s life and then being together with the flower in the ground forever.

If you are the flower, who will you choose between butterfly and earthworm?

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  1. Harriette Hamaker Says:

    A person said My partner and i was premature…. well think who is prohibited inside my tree house any more?

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