Girls, if you think to love someone, think about it wisely and here are some advices for all girls to realize before falling in love with any guys:

Spend your life until you think it’s worth your time:
If you don’t have respect or love yourself, so don’t even expect that the guy will love and respect you. Changing yourself for someone you love might not be a really wise thing to do, because if you can change, you will not be able to change forever. One day soon he will find out who you really are and that’s gonna change his feeling for you and who hurts? It’s you not him. Remember that you’re real and existing to the world, don’t let him or you feel like your love is like an imagination which will not last for long. It will be good only for the short time, or very short time. Be yourself, and change only something of yourself which is really bad and you think it can change your love to be better. In the other hand, you should be able to ask him to change something for you as well.

Sex is not an easy thing:
It’s the wise thing that the wise women do to consider hard enough about the guy you are going to have sex with. Love might be enough for some girls to make a decision to have sex with that guy, but it must be a lot wiser if you know about his health life or any STD which can transfer to you. Anyway, if you already got from him, think on to positive side. You are not alone and don’t put yourself in the dark side of life. I just would love to recommend this in case that the disease will not spread out anymore. It’s about moral thing which the people who have the disease or virus should realize which the wise women should be wise enough to follow or know about it.

Good guys are not always come with good looking as a package:
I know first when you know someone you can’t just decide that you want to date with him or not by looking to his heart, it’s impossible. But since you spend time with him for a while, you will know that he is a good guy or not. And if he is with not a very good looking as you wish, I prefer you to think about his good things which have nothing to do with looking at all. From my experience, good looking guys are not always the good guys, some of them are very playboy since they know they can get any girls they like. Why you want to feel torture and afraid that you will lose him all the time? Let’s find someone who is really into you and love you. Don’t get me wrong since there are many good guys with very good looking, So good luck for you girls to be such a very good luck girl with good looking warm heart guy.

Love is about 50 – 50:
Do everything in balance, not too much or too little. And get ready to be both receiver and giver.

Everyone needs space:
It’s not necessary to be together like 24/7 when you are boyfriend girlfriend or the married couple. Sometimes you might feel like you need to gossip or have girl talks which will be a lot more fun with the girlfriends not your boyfriends. Same as him, he must want to spend time and have some dirty jokes which he can only talk with his friends as well.

Guys can’t be changed:
Only if he want to change by himself. Don’t force him to change because it’s impossible, or even you can do it, it’s not gonna be last for long. Anyway, everything should depend on talking. You guys have to talk a lot, communicate a lot and you will both satisfy in your love life.

One more thing, the cleaning stuff is not only girls’ duty. Don’t hesitate to ask him for help since you and he are both workers. You can feel tired as same as him after finish working, so you have right to ask him to help you on cleaning as well.

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