But if you’re bored with flowers, you can give something else to your loved ones as well:

1.Chocolate – the psychiatrist says chocolate can boost your love emotion. Its sweet taste is the good symbolic of love. Also from the scientific aspect, chocolate will activate the brain to release out the amphetamine which is the chemical in the body which will make the people release the love feeling out from deep inside.

2.Card – it should come together either with flowers or chocolate. You can write anything in it to express your feeling to the ones you give the flowers or the chocolate to. Also it’s available anywhere and cheap.

3.Dolls – it’s good and suitable for any occasions. But for Valentine, you have to be more specific and be careful in what kind of doll you pick up for your loved ones.

4.Scented Candles – this one is becoming more popular which is both beautiful and smell good.

5.Romantic Dinner – it’s the must which every couple has to have. It can be at any places like your own house, restaurant, beach or anywhere. But the most important is that there must be only two of you.

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