Chocolate cake is my favorite cake and I think many people like it as same as me. Because of the main ingredient of it is chocolate which is the most popular dessert in the world. There is no certain information to prove that who invented the chocolate cake but since there is the chocolate in this world for long time, people just adapt it and use it as the ingredient for a cake as well.

Now there are many different types of chocolate cakes such as Black forest gateau which is the American chocolate cake that is mixed with the sherry or German chocolate cake which combines with coconut, peacan, caramelized cream and of course chocolate itself.

Chocolate cake becomes the common dessert which is served in any occasions like birthday, anniversary or wedding. Also not only cake which has chocolate as an ingredient, but you can see other desserts which have chocolate as an ingredient as well such as donut, breakfast meal, bread, ice cream and more.

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  1. Got Bangkok Says:

    Hi, does anyone know where i can buy german choco cake in BKK? pls pls pls i’m trying to find it here!!! thanks

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