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Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Last day for flowers for Thailand Valentine

This is a friendly remind that you need to order your flowers for Valentine to Thailand today. The price will skyrocket the last day so we want to make our order before that happened.
We wish you happy Valentine and Chinese New Year and looking forward to take your flower order to Thailand.

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

Order your Flowers to Thailand

The time is running out and Valentine is on this weekend so if you have flowers to order you better do it now. Last year a few customers did not get flowers out on time because they called us on the evening on Valentine and we had already left to deliver the flowers.
You also need to think about your friend in Thailand might not be home since it is Chinese New Year and people go out to celebrate and even travel to other provinces.
We had several orders this week just because of this reason; the Thai girl will not be home for Valentine so the customer orders the flowers to be delivered before valentine.
If you want to order something special or have any special request you really need to order in advance calling the last day will not work.

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Friday, February 5th, 2010

Thailand flowers delivery have florists in Pattaya during Valentine and we can deliver your flowers to Pattaya for Valentine 2010.
Pattaya is in the middle of high season and loads of people order flowers to hotel guests and girlfriends in Pattaya ever Valentine and we are happy to help.
If you do not have the right address in Pattaya for a flowers order we can help you find it if you just give is a phone number we can call.
We will be happy helping you finding the right address for you and will send it back to you for your next order. If you Thai girlfriend work in Pattaya we can off course deliver the flowers to her where ever she works in Pattaya.

We deliver flowers to different hotels, bars, and homes in Pattaya and its surroundings every week and we will be happy to deliver your flowers for valentine as well.
To keep the price low remember to order in advance and make sure you get our regular low price. Thailand Flowers Delivery will keep the same price as we always kept if you promise to order your flowers to Pattaya in time for Valentine 2010.

We want to give you these special offers for Valentine as well

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These offers will expire on valentine so do not wait too long.