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Monday, January 18th, 2010

Thailand flowers Delivery will not raise the price on Valentine 2010 either. We realize that people have a hard time during the economic recession around the world and we want to keep the tradition of Valentine alive.

To help keep the price low we need your help, we need you to order as soon as possible and if you planned to order flowers for valentine it does not matter when you order for you, but it does for us.
We keep buying the flowers directly from the flower market and that’s our secret to keeping a low price even when every other Thai florist raises prices for Valentine.

The sooner we can order our share of flowers from the market the better price we can get and pass that on to our consumers.
Some years we cannot even take new orders on valentine days because the price of flowers will be so high and the person did not order flowers in time but waited to last minute.
Whatever your Thai girlfriends tells you she want flowers for Valentine that’s for sure.
We want to give you these special offers for Valentine as well

These offers will expire on valentine so do not wait too long.

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Saturday, January 16th, 2010

One month away we have Valentine in Thailand coming up and it is time to think about telling your love in Thailand that you love them.
Valentine in Thailand is a big thing; it has almost become another holiday when the majority of the people buy flowers or some gift for their loved once in Thailand.
Even a girl that says she does not want flowers will be disappointed when they do not get the flowers when she all the other girls get flowers on valentine.
Do not let your Thai girlfriend give you the angry look because you did not send her flowers because flowers means so much to Thai girl even if she does not say so.

Thailand Flowers Delivery will off course deliver your flowers on valentine as well and we work day and night to keep all the orders coming.
We will also deliver your free SMS credit to you as soon as you order the flowers so you can send a happy valentines SMS totally free of charge to your Thai girlfriend.
Let her know you love her with love poem or some sweet word that we will off course translate to Thai when do the card for the flowers.
We have some other special offers for you on valentine

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Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Get flowers if you don’t know what to buy for your girls

Flowers never make thing wrong. If you run out of idea or don’t know what to buy for your girlfriend on her birthday, your anniversary or even when she gets angry because you do something wrong, buy her a flower bouquet. It’s classic, creative and always right.

Why is a flower bouquet a good present for girls in any occasions? Because it’s beautiful and romantic. It never goes wrong because flowers can interpret to many meanings as well like happy, sad, forgiving, sympathy and a lot more. Also it’s because of the girls, girls love flower. No girls will deny it and all girls

You can pick from Bangkok Flower Shop or Thailand Flowers Delivery and in time for Valentine we will add another flower shop for you to pick from.