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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Where you can get help in order to send flowers to you girlfriend and when?

If you are in Bangkok, it’s easy because you can just go direct to the florist near to your place and ask them to send it for you or you can order and give to your girlfriends yourself. The florists are almost everywhere in Bangkok, it’s very easy to find but if you want to get not-so-expensive ones, don’t go to the shop in department store because the price can be double or triple due to the location. You can find the florists along the street or block.

But if you are in Bangkok but too busy to go find the florist or too busy to send it to your girls, you can order from a Bangkok florist since there are tons of florist online for you and this is what I’m talking about for the boyfriends who live outside Thailand, you can just get the flowers for your girls very easy by ordering online. Girls love to get surprise and they will feel even more surprise if you are abroad but you can still manage to give your girl a big surprise to show that you still care and your love never fades away even you are not with your girl right now.

Now it comes to when you should buy the flowers to your girls, the answer is there is no exact time you should send, any day you want to send flowers to your girls so you just send them. Just make sure you never ever miss the special occasions like your girlfriend’s birthday, your anniversary and Valentine Day in Thailand. Oh, also if your girl has a problem like having bad days at work or have to go to hospital, send the flowers to cheer her up to those places. Send her flowers to her work to show her you care and she’s not alone, you will get 2 birds with one bullet because she will feel special because all her colleagues will look at her with jealousy and that makes me feel important. Send her flowers to the hospital to show that even you are not there to take of her but you still care a lot and really want to be with her now if you can. Or any other occasions which are not even about your girls but her family like if her dad gets sick, you send the flowers as the best regards or her brother graduate, send them flower as the congratulations. Buy their hearts even you are absent, there is always other way round to show your girls that you care.