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Valentine day is the day which is created in order to respect the Saint Valentine, who has a mercy heart for anyone. But his life has ended with tragedy because he got the death penalty on 14 February 270 or about 1,730 years ago which was the era of Roman Emperor which the Christ religion hadn’t been accepted yet. Unfortunately, the King Claudius II had released the law which forced the people not to have trusted in Christian religion and there must be no married ceremony for Christian people either. But there was a Christian leader called “Valentinus” who had been respected later as “Saint Valentine” always tried to help the Christians to get married and make the marry between Christian people until the soldiers found out and put him in the jail and tortured him.

While he was in the jail, he fell in love with a blinded girl who was a daughter of the jail officer. With his love and his pray to god for his lover, the god was pleased to give her be able to see again. When the King “Claudius II” found out, he punished Valentinus with the death penalty by cutting his head off. A night before his penalty, he wrote a love note for his loved one in order to say goodbye and end the letter with

“Love from your Valentine”

After his death, the people are very impressed in his love story and take the 14 February of every year as the day of love which is called as Saint Valentine ’s Day or Valentine’s day until it becomes famous for the whole world until now and still as we already know.

Love is the pure thing which is harmless, every day should be a love day but at least we have some special day to express and remind everyone’s mind that there is love. Actually love is everywhere.

Send flowers to Thailand during valentine

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

The florist in Chiang Mai in north Thailand has done a “monopoly” and 1 rose is 100 THB. We called to over 25 different florists and checked the price and all had the same price.

It is sad that some people want use this even in Thailand to profit so much from people just want to show love to each other.

We at Thailand Florist and Bangkok Flower Shop have always kept the same price over all different holidays and will never change the prices just for specials events, that is a promise.

You still have time to order flowers if you wish we take order all night until the morning on the 14/2 at our two website. But please only Bangkok orders these last days. If outside Bangkok you need to order today.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Another meaning for Valentine:

V : Verity
You should be honest and tell the truth, especially the truth about love you have for someone. Don’t think that what you do already show your love, yes it might be true. But isn’t it better to say “love you” to someone you love? I’m sure that sometimes only the way you do is not enough for someone who cares you and really loves you. What’s more, it’s a lot easier than doing anything just saying those simple three words, “I love you”.

A : Ambition
You have right to love and in order to love someone you must have ambition. The ambition is just only about doing things like send her a card, flowers or chocolate but anything about love. Express it out in any ways which to show the one you love that you really really love them.

L : Lenient
All couple should have the feeling of lenient. Any people can make mistake and as long as that mistake is still not too much to accept, the forgiveness is not a hard thing to do. Anyway, we might have heard for some honest things that boyfriend did to girlfriend or girlfriend did to boyfriend and don’t understand why they’re still together. The reason is love. If you have love, lenient will follow.

E : Equality
No one comes first but always come together, think together and don’t force any side to do things. If you want to be with someone, you might need that person feel happy being with you. Equality is important which will give people right, and love needs it too.

N : Notable
Even you are both equal. You also have to respect each other as well. Don’t do think that will let each other gets hurt. There is no point to do that and it’s the way that you can let your love stay longer and longer and becomes forever.

T : Tender
“Love me Tender”, I think even girls don’t say that but they might feel like they want to say that words to you guys. So why wait for them to say those words, let’s do it first.

I : Innovation
Being together with someone 24/7 can make you feel bored but this feeling will not happen since you know how to innovate. Get some new things or activities to do together in order to spice up your love life. You can start from surprising her with the lovely dinner or something new in your sex life which she will never forget.

N : Nexus
The connection between you and your lover is important. And let this Valentine becomes the great opportunity to make the connection between you and your lovers. Give them flowers or anything your lovers need.

E : Endurance
Being together forever, mix everything together since from the letter v, a , l , e , n ,t , i, n together.

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