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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

The three most popular gifts for Thai girls are:

1. Bracelet – the girls like bracelet the most because they think it’s vulnerable, lovely and sweet. You can make it look sweeter by having her name on the bracelet or something like that.

2. Flowers – it’s the classic gift ever. If you have no idea what to give to your loved one, flower is the best solution. It’s beautiful and classic. Believe me since I used to send flowers to the girls for several times, I’m always happy to see their face expressions. They look happy and also feel shy at the same time. That’s why I love this job.

3. Something meaningful – it can be either expensive or cheap. Different couples have different meaningful gifts. For example: if some couples have met at the gyms, so the gym place is meaningful for them. In the future, that couple might open the gym and do business together because this is the place they both love and it’s the place where brought them meet each others. But from now, the couples can start by buying gym tools for each other or something like that first. Girls might expect you to buy new working out dress or something like that and I’m sure they will like it. No one knows better you about your girlfriend.

Send flowers to Thailand, cakes to Thailand or the gift to Thai girls

Since Valentine is not the public holiday, most of the students have to celebrate the valentine day at the school, college or university. At the school, the students are between 12 – 18 years old, so they don’t have much money to buy the bulk of flowers for someone they like. They are likely to buy a dozen of heart stickers and stick it to the friend’s school shirt but the big heart one for someone they like a lot. It seems like to be a trend, every student at the school has to have at least one heart sticker on the school shirt, otherwise it will show like there is no one want to hang out with you or you have no friend.

For college or university, most of the students can now afford to buy the flowers for the date and also the relationship seems to be more serious, so the guys are ready and willing to pay big money for their dates.

Don’t ignore how much meaning the flower has for the college girls, they love it. Here is my suggestion, that if you have a girlfriend who is still studying, flower is the must that you have to give her on Valentine day.

If you are not in Thailand but want to send flowers to Thailand, we can help you with that.