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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Cake has different types and there are about three main types of cake which you can find in the bakery shops:

1. Butter type Cake – it’s the cake with high percentage of fat. The fat in the cake will keep the air inside which will let the cake becomes bigger when they bake it. The examples of butter type cake are Fruit cake, Chocolate cake and White cake.

2. Foam type Cake – it’s the cake which has no fat in it. The size of the cake is depending on the expansion of the eggs which will keep the air inside it. The baker has to be more careful making foam type cake because there is no fat to keep the fat to make the cake look beautiful in shape after baking, so the baker has to make sure that the eggs are ready and keep the air inside by seeing from the size of the egg foam. The examples of foam type cake are Angel food Cake, Roll jam and more.

3. Chiffon type cake – it’s the combination between butter type cake and foam type cake which has eggs as the ingredient same as foam type cake and the finished cake looks shiny same as the butter type cake. Chiffon type cake different from butter cake because it uses the oil instead of the butter and the process to mix the ingredients.

If you love cakes, don’t just only eat it but it’s good for you to know what exactly you really eat and also that information might help someone who is interested to bake the cake by themselves in the near future.

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Friday, August 15th, 2008

Do you know that we can predict what kind of person he/she is from the present they gave you?

If someone gave you doll:

Dolls are the sign of friendship. The person who likes to give the dolls as the present is the person who is young in heart, optimistic, enthusiastic but also stubborn and self-center

If someone gave you anything in heart shape:

Heart is the sign of love. They are romantic, care about others and also have a lot of imaginations.

If someone gave you perfume:

Perfume is the sign of charming and good wishing. They are fashionable, sociable, charming with first impression. In the other hand, they are not a very easy going person. They care about their looks more than anything.

If someone gave you dog:

Dog is a sign of friendship and loyalty. They are sensitive, childish, fun-loving, selfless and also need others to care about them as well.

If someone gave you cat:

Cat is a sign of friendship and freedom. They love freedom and independent so they don’t try to adapt themselves for any situations. In the same time, they like to help other people, love to hang out with friends and don’t like to be rush.

If someone gave you chocolate:

Chocolate is a sign of love and friendship. They are optimistic, fun-loving and responsible people.

If someone gave you scented candles:

Scented candle is the sign of hope, inspiration, relaxation and love. They are romantic and love outdoor lifestyle. They love imaginations but also very self-center.

It may not 100 percent but hope it might help you to know the general background of someone who gave you present. This prediction is fine as long as you don’t judge the one who gave you the presents from them. Good luck and also try to compare with yourself if it’s correct or not.

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008

Wedding cake has begun in Roman. In the past, the guests had to bring the small pieces of cake which looks like the bread to the wedding ceremony for the groom and bride. They gathered the breads together to the shape looks like the hill and then the groom and the bride had to climb up and kissed at the top of the breads. If the groom and the bride can do it, there was the belief that they will be lucky but if they not, it’s nothing cursed but just to make the ceremony looks funnier.

With that history, there was an innovation until we have the wedding cake which you can see at the wedding ceremony these days. Most of the wedding cakes are decorated very lovely with the small groom and bride dolls in the top of the cake.

Nowadays, cake seems to be a very important part of the wedding.

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