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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Don’t go searching’ for love, let love find you… the more you are looking for love, the more love will run away from you.
Sometimes love would come to us to learn about it not to obsess it.
It’s not wrong to fall in love with someone who already have a girlfriend or boyfriend, but it’s totally if you try to substitute them.
To be loved makes you happy but to love someone with no love back makes you hurt.
The unexpected person for the couple always comes with no notification.
Men express love from the performance while women want to know about it in from the words.

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The sign which can prove that the guy is already falling in love with you:

1. He feels shy to see you even at the supermarket, shop or any places unexpected
2. He turns head to other way when you feel like someone look at you.
3. He talks to you lesser than other people, that’s because he feels shy and afraid he will look like idiot in front of you and other people.
4. He knows your favorite band which you have never told him before
5. He can sit and watch all girlie movies with you without any complaints
6. He will be the first person you see every time you are in trouble.

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1. Noodle – Believe me you don’t look romantic at all eating noodle. The voice you will make when you try to eat the whole noodle from the bowl. Also there are too many ingredients in the noodle like vegetable, meat, meatball, noodle, soup and others which will make you concentrate on the food more than your date.
2. Chicken – the whole chicken like breast, legs, wings or whatever part of it. Because there is the bones which you can’t use spoon, fork or knife to get into the meat you want to eat. And please don’t take up the chicken with your own hands like you eat at home.
3. Spicy food – you will start to sweat with tear and running nose with red face. Can you see the picture? That doesn’t look nice at all.
4. Garlic – do not ruin your date with the bad smell of your mouth and the garlic can make it happen very easily.
5. Seafood – the smell is too strong and also you and your date have to take out all the cover before eating them.

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