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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

The Flowers for each day

For the person who was born on Sunday:
The flower of Sunday is the orange rose because the girls who were born on Sunday are the ambitious girls with big dreams. Also sunflowers which is the symbolic together with the sun which refers that she has a lot of respect on herself.

The flower of Monday is the white jasmine and white rose because the girls who were born on Monday are gentle, unconditional love, romantic, sensitive and such a daydreamer.

The flower of Tuesday is the pink orchid which refers to the lust and emotion same as the girls who were born on Tuesday.

The flower of Wednesday is lotus which refers to the calm feeling. The Wednesday girls love peace.

Yellow rose is the flower for this day which refers to the changing in love because the girls who were born on Thursday are easily to fall in love to a guy, also they are the playgirls.
In the meantime, it refers to the pink carnation which means that she is also sweet and gentle, having sense of humor, look charming as same as the pink Carnation.

Any colors of roses are the flowers for Friday girls. They are the great lovers and also the great charming girls.
Lily is the flower of Saturday. It refers to the first love and pure love because the Saturday girls are the serious girls who hardly fall in love with any guys. Also the Saturday girls are lonely which lily is the good flower to implicate this kind of girl as well.

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Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

The best romantic foods for the couple:
Love, sex and eating are the activities which all people have to do and love to do, sometimes most of the people love to mix those three activities together. It’s possible and also romantic.
Let’s see the list of romantic foods which many couples love to eat together:

1. Spaghetti
2. Strawberry
3. Chocolate
4. Fruit
5. Ice Cream
6. Pizza
7. Whip Cream

The most popular food for many couples is whip cream which is both delicious and easy to be played on human body. The couples love to have whip cream as the special feature while they are having sex. They might put the cream in any parts of the body they like and eat it while it’s on the body of your lover.

But if you find that thing is too difficult, just give your loved one flowers or the chocolate and eat them together.

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Friday, June 6th, 2008

Love in 12 aspects

1. It’s painful to love someone and don’t get his or her love back. But it’s much more painful if you don’t even tell someone you love that you love them.

2. Love is the feeling that you care about him or her even you cut off your lust feeling out.

3. The painful which love can give to someone is that you find someone which you really love so much and he or she loves you as well but your love has to be ended because you are not supposed to be together at the first place.

4. When the door of happiness is closed, the other door of happiness will be opened again anytime soon. But we just keep on looking at the closed door so we don’t realize the new happy door which is already be opened and waiting for you to get in.

5. The best friend is someone that you can sit next to them by saying nothing and still feel happy after leave them with no words.

6. It’s true that we don’t realize in what we have until we lose it.

7. Loving someone with all of your heart doesn’t mean that you will get the same feeling back. And if you don’t get the same feeling back, at least you did something blossom in your heart already.

8. Don’t say goodbye, if you want to keep trying. Don’t say you don’t love that person anymore, if your heart can’t still let him go.

9. Love always come back to you even you feel depress, being betrayed or so painful.

10. It takes only a minute to feel impress with someone, a day to like someone and a month to love someone but it takes forever to forget someone.

11. You will not be able to move on with your life if you can’t let your past go away.

12. The happiest person in the world is not the person who has the best thing, but the person who tries to do the best with what he already has.