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Monday, June 30th, 2008

I would like to get the quote which Kahlil Gibran used to say about love and it’s so true :
When the love calls…. Follow it even the way you follow is too rough
And when the love has wings embracing you…. Stand for it even there are some thorns hurting you
When love talks to you… obey them even it will destroy your dream
Love doesn’t give anything but you and also don’t take anything but you as well
You can’t possess love and love can’t be possessed
Because love is enough in itself

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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Have you ever compared the one who love you so much as something else? I’m thinking as an earthworm. As you can see if you are the flower, the flower will wait for nothing but beautiful butterfly to cherish and get advantage from it. Those butterflies might make the flowers feel good and beautiful but the flower never realizes that those butterflies used to try to eat and destroy the flowers before when they were the worm. Later on when the time of the flower is about to end, the leaves are leaving it and about to die. Butterfly never care and fly to flirt with other new fresh flowers instead while the earthworm never ignore the flower, it helps the flowers to grow by making the soil smooth, taking care of the flower until the last minute of the flower’s life and then being together with the flower in the ground forever.

If you are the flower, who will you choose between butterfly and earthworm?

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Friday, June 20th, 2008

Compare your love with the color since you find out what color your love is, so you can buy the right color of flowers for your loved one:

Red: You attempt too much on love. Your love is so lusting and emotional. Your love is greatness and you have a lot of love for your lover. But be careful since too much love can create the fire and that fire can burn you afterward. You sometimes have to cool down yourself in your love life in order to handle your love life otherwise love will come back and harm you later.

Yellow: You use your love to encourage your life. Love for you is as same as the light because you use reason and your brain together with the love. Your love has a lot of supporting and you need to be supported as well. So be careful that you can turn your lover’s feeling to be just only friend or consultant instead.

Pink: You are such a love searcher. You are kind of a puppy love person which it might take you a little bit more time to turn your relationship to be more serious. Your love is kind of exciting but be careful that your attempt on searching for love will never stop.

Purple: Simple love but gentle. This kind of love might seem boring at the first place but the taste of love will become sweeter afterward. It’s the big love but looks simple so if you have this kind of love, you have to show it to your lover sometimes otherwise they will think that you don’t love them as they do.

White: Pure love but sensitive and fragile. Even this love is the purest love but it’s ready for the same white love back with other color, it’s gonna ruin the pure of the white and can turn love to be hate instead. This kind of love is very patient because even you don’t love that person anymore; you can still be able to be with them but only with your body not your heart.

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