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Remember that the girls set the standard of their guys differently according to their age. Let’s see this graph and compare yourself.

The perfect guy for the girls age between 15 – 22 years old:
1. Handsome
2. Attractive
3. Rich
4. Good listener
5. Smart
6. Good figure
7. Fashionable
8. Sensitive, neat and love to take care
9. Enthusiastic
10. Romantic

The perfect guy for the girls age between 23 – 42 years old
1. Not bad look, bald head is still ok
2. Know when they should nod the head to show that they agree with us
3. Be able to take girls for the lunch in the mall
4. Have some joke to tell sometimes
5. Strong enough to move the furniture
6. Wear the shirt which can cover his whole belly
7. Do not criticize the girls’ figures
8. Shave at least once a week

The perfect guy for the girls age between 43 – 52 years old
1. Take care of their nose, don’t let something unexpected out
2. Don’t burp, don’t fart and don’t scratch the butts in the public area
3. Don’t borrow money from other people
4. Don’t tell the same old jokes everyday
5. Don’t forget to take shower
6. Wear the socks with the same color in both side
7. Do haircut and shave the beard without the reminding
8. Be home on time before dinner

The perfect guy for the girls age between 53 – 62 years old
1. Don’t shout to the kids
2. Remember where the toilets are
3. Don’t admin to the hospital too often
4. Don’t snore too loud
5. Be able to remember what day today is
6. Be able to wear the shirts which they have the size in the normal market
7. Can remember where they put fake teeth
8. Remember what they are doing now such as what they are laughing for

The perfect guy for the girls age 72 and more
1. Still breathing? It’s great

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

For someone who needs to make something different beyond the rose, there are some other great choices for you to give to your loved ones:

1.Red Carnation which means your love is so deep, no shallow.
2.White Lily means romantic and gentle emotion between you and your loved ones.
3.Red Tulip means love which you and your loved ones will get through together no matter what happen.
4.Violet means to give love back to your loved ones.
5.Ivy – honest and also refer to the married
6.Jasmine – pure and gentle
7.Orchid – means that you can’t stop thinking about her
8.Lotus – means peaceful and graceful which refer to love that you love her with trust and admire.
9.Gladiolus – it’s suitable to be sent to the strong girls. It says like you are a very brave girl and that makes me love you.
10.Sunflower – refer to the honesty and you will love only her forever same as the sunflower which look at no one but the sun shine, and for you the sunshine is her.
11.Daffodil – Flowers for friends
12.Lilac – Flowers for the first love
13.Crocus – it means you are harmless
14.Peach Blossom – I’m ready to be your slave
15.Iris – “I have something to tell you”
16.Peony – “I feel embarrassed”
17.Petunia – is the flower you need to give someone you still angry with him which means as “I don’t forgive you”. Ooh!!!!
18.Gardenia – the flower for shy people which refers to the secret love
19.Dandelion – is sent to the playboy which means as that “I am just your temporary lover”
20.Narcissus – means “your nose is in the air and I can’t handle it much”

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Saturday, May 10th, 2008

To love is to risk not being loved in return.

To hope is to risk pain.

To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken,

Because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.