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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The meaning of the each color of roses when you give them to someone. Have you considered its meaning before you give the roses to your loved ones?

When you give your loved one the White roses, it means he or she is the most important person in your life. Your love is pure and you don’t expect for anything in return. But be careful that if the roses you give to your loved ones are still blossoming. Blossomed white roses mean that the love between you and your loved one is charming and lusting but still innocent at the same time. But for the white roses which are no more blossomed means your love fades away or already gone away.

Pink Roses means you are beautiful and gentle to me

Orange roses are for to let your loved ones know that you still and always remember the love between you and him or her. It’s the good roses to give for your ex and you want to get back to him or her.

But if you fall in love with someone who already has boyfriend or girlfriend, give him or her the Yellow roses which means that you are ready to be his or her secret love.

Red Roses are for to tell your loved ones that they are so beautiful until you feel shy every time you see her face and you already fall for her.

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

The aspects to consider about love:

1.Good people: they are all taken.

2.The remaining: there might be some reason why they are not taken.
3.Something you think it’s too good…… normally it’s not true. If it’s good, it’s good. Believe in your instinct and believe me nothing is too good.

4.Love is like when you’re waiting for the bus – the one you’re waiting for has never come and even it comes, it will always too crowded and even you can get on, it will have problems before getting to the destination which you have to get off and wait for the new bus again. Does it sound familiar to you? Exactly like love.

5.Love is like a coin, ring or something small because whenever you lose it or drop it from your hand, it will roll to the darkest and the deepest area which you will not be able to find it.

6.The train is always running on the rail track but don’t be so sure about it since it might run fast and when you look back, it will just only disappear and you will be too late to catch.
7.Handsome or Beautiful is upon the imagination not from someone’s words.

8.Love is not as same as the physic rules because how much you give love for someone; you will not get the same back in return but different.

9.Whenever your lovers say “only need to be friend”, it means “I want to break up with you”

10.Love makes you blind, but married makes you see things clear.

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Have you ever compared the one who love you so much as something else? I’m thinking as an earthworm. As you can see if you are the flower, the flower will wait for nothing but beautiful butterfly to cherish and get advantage from it. Those butterflies might make the flowers feel good and beautiful but the flower never realizes that those butterflies used to try to eat and destroy the flowers before when they were the worm. Later on when the time of the flower is about to end, the leaves are leaving it and about to die. Butterfly never care and fly to flirt with other new fresh flowers instead while the earthworm never ignore the flower, it helps the flowers to grow by making the soil smooth, taking care of the flower until the last minute of the flower’s life and then being together with the flower in the ground forever.

If you are the flower, who will you choose between butterfly and earthworm?