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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

The number of the roses you give to your loved ones also has the meaning as well. Let’s realize one by one:

One rose means you are my first love.
Three roses mean “I love you”.
Seven roses mean “You are so charming and I already fall in love with you”
Nine roses mean “We will love each other forever”
Twelve roses mean “Wish you will be mine forever”
Fifteen roses mean “I’m really sorry” in case you did something wrong and want your loved ones to forgive you.
Twenty roses mean “I’m honest and sincere to you”
Forty roses mean “You’re my true love”
Ninety-nine roses mean “I will love you until death do us apart”
Hundred roses mean “I dedicate my life for you”
A Hundred and one roses mean “I will have only you, no one else”
A Hundred and eight roses mean “Will you marry me?”
Nine Hundred and ninety-nine rose mean “I will love you until the last second of my life”

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The combination of the roses with more than one color can give the different meaning as well:
Red and White roses mean we are together forever.

The rose with no throb means you are my first love and attract me since the first met.

But it they are the roses with both leaves and throbs mean you feel frustrated but hope that person (the one you give flowers to) will not refuse and get the same feeling back.

The rose with no leave at all mean you are a bit scared with this love between you and your loved ones. Maybe you feel unsecure or something and this way is better way to tell them than in words.

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008

You’re not wrong to love him.

And, it’s not also his wrong, if he doesn’t love you back.

By the way, you’re not wrong if you don’t love him.

And not his wrong if he loves you.

Forbid heart from falling in love is hard to do.

But It’s not comparable with Forbid heart to forget love,

because it’s so hard to do.

This poem is absolutely true