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Make Money by Sending Us Visitors Join our Affiliate Program
  • Send us visitors and earn a 20- 40% commission on all sales from visitors you refer. That is $10-20 per sale.
  • Get paid on time every month.
  • There is no cost to you. We provide the products, customer service, and shipping.
  • Our affiliate program automates all payment tasks.
  • Login to your affiliate account and watch your sales any time of the day.
  • With our affiliate tracking script, you can place even simple text links (without affiliate IDs) and still get the commission. We track both cookies and IPs. To see how it works read on!
The 4 steps to get started
  1. Fill out a short form to gain access to your affiliate control panel
  2. There you can find your link options, reports and payment status.
  3. We will evaluate and approve your affiliate application within 24 to 48 hours.
  4. Place our affiliate links (or a plain link to us) on your site, send us visitors and make money on all sales from visitors you refer.
How to link to our site?
     -   Banners
     -   Links
     -   Internet Cafe / Work Place
     -   Google
     -   Recommend a Friend
     -   Tell other webmaster Affiliates
  1. Use our many banners on your website, there banners are located here.
  2. Link directly to our first page by using an URL with appended affiliate ID. If the visitor buys, you get a commission. Use a link like "Send flowers to Thailand" or "99 Roses to Bangkok 49 $" or you can make your own text and put your affiliate link. You can find example of link codes here.
  3. Recommend us to you customers and friends by sending them an email telling them about our services. But please don't spam, we will delete you account if you do. You can find the recommend me script with your affiliate code inside here.
  4. If you have a work place or internet cafe put our website as a start page the cookies in the computer will give, you commission with in a year from the last time some one looked even if they change start page. You can put the start page instructions here.
  5. Just put a simple link to our site (http:// Our own tracking script will recognize all visitors from your site and place a cookie on their computer + save their IP address in a database. Even if they delete their cookies, our script will still recognize them and give you a commission when they decide to order later.

    When these people decide to purchase flowers, our script will put your affiliate ID on our order page

    This linking method works best, because your visitors will not know that you get a commission. Our script keeps cookies and IPs for one full year.

  6. If you are used to advertise on Google you can make good profit by showing out links or banners in Google. Google will charge you a minimum of 0.05 $ and we will give you 10 $ for every buy plus extra for webmasters sign up under you. More information about Google here.

    All linking and banner methods will place a tracking cookie on all visitors from your site and redirect them to our site. The cookie is active for 365 days. When the visitors on that computer buy flowers from us, you get commission.

You can see more help on these two linking methods in your affiliate panel (you will get there when you register as an affiliate).

And the Best thing about this is...
You can tell you friends about it and make affiliate commission down 12 levels. That is right you do not even have to have banners on your own website you will get money from any sign up 12 levers deep from the first person you signed up.

For example if you sell flowers to some one from your website and he or she decide to start selling flowers as well you will be his uplink. You will get commission from every sell he does and the people he has under him 11 levels deep.

To learn more about the plain link affiliate tracking script...
Read this article: Use your affiliate program to increase search engine rankings
from the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide

If you have any Questions or need Help please contact us